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Back by popular demand!

I'm going to make it simpler this time. Each item on the list is worth one point. An item can only be found once, the first person to post a screenshot containing said item gets credit for it. Some items will have multipliers if certain conditions are met. If multiple people post the same item, I will give priority first to higher multipliers, then to item plus (i.e. whip of thievery +2 will be counted over whip of thievery +1) OR creature "rank" in the case of heads and angels (so the head of a Kobold Lord would replace the head of a regular Kobold, and Rondol's head would replace a Kobold Lord's; and Nux would replace an Angel of Silva), and finally to post order. Multipliers will stack. As a special case regarding heads, all kamikazie dwarves will be treated the same, regardless of their god of choice.
(Example: FMW finds Rondol's head and posts a screenshot. He gains 2 points (1 x2 (unique) = 2). Then, I find Rondol's head and CM it into wood, then post a screenshot. FMW loses his 2 points for the head, and I gain 4 points (1 x2 (unique) = 2, x2 (wooden) = 4).)

The list will be in a couple sections. Anything you find that fits in the section (they'll be clear cut, no fudging the lines ) will qualify. Items in the "special" section must be met exactly, and have their own point values and multipliers. Items which are found will be listed under the section headers, with the current high-multiplier-score found and the name of the finder.

When posting screenshots, please mention which finds you are claiming so I know what to look for. If you do not have both a picture of the claim and text claiming it, I will not count it! As of this update I am applying this rule retroactively, which removes all of Kyselina's claims.

That's all. Have fun, enjoy, and good luck!

*Base weapons mean anything "mundane", such as hammers, axes, daggers, short swords, and so forth. Magical weapons mean anything that does something magical, like flaming swords and thunder hammers. Enchanted base weapons, like a dagger +5, do not count as magical.
**Due to ommel cerumen exploit potential.

NOTE! Items which are not available in CVS or 050 are not valid!

Capristo: 22
Pyk3: 17
Konork: 4
Bored: 3
Ischaldirh: 3

HEADS (x2 if wooden or stone, x2 if unique x3 if gemstone or Elpuri, x4 if Valpurium)
The Enner Beast x2 (Unique) = 2pts (Pyk3)
An imp = 1pt (Pyk3)
Veteran Kamikaze Dwarf = 1pt (Capristo)
Elite Dark Knight = 1pt (Capristo)
Master Necromancer = 1pt (Capristo)
Elder Dark Mage = 1pt (Capristo)

AMULETS (x2 for Amulet of Life Saving, x2 if Octiron)
Amulet of Life Saving x2 (AoLS) = 2pts (Pyk3)
Amulet of ESP = 1pt (Bored)

RINGS (x2 for Ring of Invisibility x2 if Octiron)
Ring of Invisibility x2 (RoI) = 2pts (Pyk3)
Ring of Teleportation = 1pt (Pyk3)
Ring of Teleport Control = 1pt (Pyk3)
Ring of Polymorph Control = 1pt (Pyk3)
Ring of Acid Resistance = 1pt (Bored)
Ring of Polymorph = 1pt (Ischaldirh)
Ring of Searching = 1pt (Ischaldirh)
Ring of Fire Resistance = 1pt (Ischaldirh)

WEAPONS (x2 if named, x2 if Octiron, Adamant or Spider Silk) (Base weapons* do not count. Unnamed magical weapons* do count.)
The unholy adamantine halberd named "Mjolak" +7 x2 (named) x2 (adamantine) = 4pts (Capristo)
The mace named "Turox" x2 (named) = 2pts (Capristo)
The runed spear named "Vermis" x2 (named) = 2pts (Konork)
The short sword named "Saal'Thul" x2 (named) = 2pts (Konork)
Octiron thunder hammer +2 x2 (Octiron) = 2pts (Pyk3)
Spider silk chameleon whip x2 (Spider Silk) = 2pts (Capristo)
Spider silk whip of thievery x2 (Spider Silk) = 2pts (Capristo)
Staff of wondrous smells = 1pt (Pyk3)
Flaming sword +4 = 1pt (Pyk3)

ANGELS (x3 for Archangels)
Angel of Mortifer = 1pt (Pyk3)
Angel of Seges = 1pt (Pyk3)
Angel of Loricatus = 1pt (Pyk3)

SUPERHUMAN (Natural stats of 60+. No artificial limbs. No points for Int or Wis**.) (x2 for 70+)

Cloak of Invisibility (1) (x3 if Spider Silk) x3 (Spider Silk) = 3pts (Capristo)
A couch in a dungeon (1) (x2 for a bed) x2 (bed) = 2pts (Capristo)
Bones ghost (1) (+1 for each additional ghost in the screenshot, x2 if more than 3 ghosts are present) = 1pt (Bored)
The Gorovits family hammer and sickle (3) x2 if both made of Valpurium = 3pts (Capristo)
A blond character (1)
A character wielding Neerc se'Ulb AND Turox (3) (+2 if they are the same plus level, +2 if they are both at least +10)
Any weapon or armor at +20 or above (4)
Two tame octiron golems (3)
A character with all stats at exactly 25 (2) (x2 if they are 50)
Three Neerc se'Ulbs (4)
A character wielding a Valpurium two-handed sword, a Valpurium shield, and wearing Arcanite plate armor (3)
The PC and the slave both wearing identical gear sets (2) (All body parts must be covered. Rings and amulets are not required.)
Armor of Great Health +5 or greater (1) (x2 if made of phoenix feather or stronger, or any metal)
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2 things, is being blond a rare occurrence? Also, do modifiers stack? For example having an Elpuri head made out of valpurium?
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I explained this already. HOWEVER!! Elpuri's head is an exception that I didn't do correctly. Modifiers DO NOT STACK on Elpuri's head. It is worth 3 points, period.
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This is a blondy.

This is a head.
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Not... quite what I meant. Didn't need to zoom it in. however credit will be given.

Also just in case you didn't guess already, NO WIZARD MODE. I'm going off the honor system on this one though since I have no real way of proving/disproving the use of wizmod.
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So how do I prove it?
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Here is some angels of mortifer. I couldn't get archangels, but I got one angel and cloned it couple of times. Also I wield flaming sword and chameleon whip, but I'm not sure do they count or should I have taken pic of my inventory. (If you wonder angels names I listened certain Rolling stones song before playing Ivan.)
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another head

another head

It is the same char, but when I took the gibberling head screen the kobold head spoiled.
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Bored One

Okay, I decided to try my luck at this.
I'm playing the .50 version.

First, I found a amulet of ESP.

Soon after that, a bones ghost.

That old char had some nice stuff on him, most important being a Whip of Thievery.

EDIT: Also, a ring of acid resistance!
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Here is couch...

...and Enner beast's head. Sorry about the first picture I posted, I haven't posted any pictures before.
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Updated the scores.

To clarify some things for Kyselina however, and anyone else who may be confused at all! Flaming swords, thunder hammers, and etc DO COUNT as magical weapons. Items which are merely "plus" do not.

Also, a single screenshot can claim more than one prize. However if you do not explicitly claim the prize in the text of your message I will not award it to you!
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Here's all the stuff I have

Cloak of invisibility (phoenix feather)
Both special whips (both phoenix feather)

I'm not intelligent enough for spider silk or adamant yet but I'll repost all of those when I am.
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It's gonna be pretty hard to get Charisma to 50, or even 25.
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I know, thus why it's in there. I never said all items would be fair in their scoring did I?

EDIT: Capristo, no credit granted for the WoT as it was already found. You'll have to get it to spider silk to get credit.
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I found a lamp with a genie, so I wished for Vermis. A little while later, I found Saal'Thul sitting near a Kobold corpse.
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Add these rings to my account please.

Bored, sorry. 2 ghosts. Add that, please.
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New items: amulet of life saving, staff of wondrous smells, flaming swords, ring of teleportation and ring of teleport control.

Adding angel of Seges...

...and thunder hammer, ring of invisibility and ring of polymorph control.
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Atomic wrote
I know, thus why it's in there. I never said all items would be fair in their scoring did I?

EDIT: Capristo, no credit granted for the WoT as it was already found. You'll have to get it to spider silk to get credit.
I know, that was just preliminary I'm up to 37 Int (from 32, thanks to sci-talking to a bunch of resurrected giant frogs) so it'll be there soon.
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capristo wrote
It's gonna be pretty hard to get Charisma to 50, or even 25.

Its not that hard to get 25 charisma if you preay to mellis the impossible part is to get all stats to 25 at same time.
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Yeah, I thought of that afterwards and put it in the shoutbox. Actually I'm pretty sure it's impossible. Pretty much the only way to get 25 Charisma is through ommel tears, but drinking enough ommel tears to boost it to 25 will put your Perception way over 25. The only way I know of to reduce perception would be to drink nasty water from a fountain. That would not be worth the effort.
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Hang on, shouldn't my score be 4?
2 from Mjolak, 1 from cloak, 1 from Whip

Anyways here are some updates

head of a veteran dark knight (1pt)
luxurious double bed (2pts)
both whips, both in silk (4pts total, gain of 3)
Mjolak adamantine (4pts total, gain of 2)
cloak of invisibility spider silk (3pts total, gain of 2)

My score should now be 14
By the way the whips are NOT from Sherry. I hardened them myself. But I am about to take on Sherry right now... wish me luck
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Angel of Atavus.

Archangel of Dulcis.
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Apologies if the scores are wrong. I'm going to re-count everyone's score right now.

Alright, the scores should be up-to-date now.
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15? Archangel is X3, so 3 points, so it should be 16.
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Angel of Loricatus.

Head of an imp.
Hmm, I checked my points: enner beast(2) + Amulet of life saving(2) + ring of teleportation(1)+ring of teleport control(1)+ring of polymorph(1) + ring of invisibility(wasn't this 2 points?) + staff of wondrous smells(1) + flaming sword(1) + thunder hammer(I forgot to say before, but this was octiron, so 2?) + Angel of mortifer(1) + angel of seges(1) = 15
If angel of loricatus and imp head are counted it's 17.
Also why Kyselina's angel of Atavus wasn't counted?