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The result of Slob asking if you could make an IVAN movie in IRC. Nifty proof that it can be done, and most movie buffs will be happy to know that Tom Cruise gets killed quick in this one. Note that you either need an h264 codec installed or a decent stand-alone player to view this, such as VLC or KMPlayer. It's short, but that amount of footage took up around 1 gig of space before compression!

And now, without further ado, I present you with Fuck Dogs.
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From the maker of Fuck Dogs comes a brand new movie so bloody and violent that it was banned in over 13 countries. That visceral, gritty realism that shocked the world is back and badder than ever. It's the tale of one man's epic struggle against impossible odds to prove once and for all that Resting is for Pussies!

Yeah, great intro. Really this was just me fucking around with compression options to create a smaller (yet still watchable) file size for both recording and encoding. The source footage's size was about a third of Fuck Dogs and was twice as long. The final product is lower quality but still watchable and, more importantly, smaller.
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arrrgh cant find h264 codec for mac
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slob wrote
arrrgh cant find h264 codec for mac

Have you tried using VideoLAN? I believe that player supports .h264 playback out of the box. Also, the second film is encoded with XviD since I figured it was a bit more common.