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Hey, friends; Wondering how to edit the decay of food in the player character's body.

It just drains way, way too quickly for my liking, and food barely filling you up (Why do you need to eat literally 40 bananas to get out of the very hungry state god damn).

I've located the *need* for nutrition in the char.dat file, but that just straight up disables the ability/need to eat and drink entirely, which isn't what I'm looking for. Any help would be great.

As an aside, is there a discord for this funky game anywhere? I feel like it would be easier to ask this question there.
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Welcome to the Wiki Cairo! Not sure this belongs in other coding but alright

As for your questions, I should start off by saying that food should rarely be a major problem in IVAN. There are many food sources in the game that can be eaten without side effects, and even ones that do still provide good sustenance. It might be that you are carrying too much, as being burdened or worse stressed can cause hunger very quickly. A non-burdened player that has just left the 'satiated' state can run for a bit more than 12 in game hours at a time, while a burden player takes about 6 hours, and a stressed player takes only 3. Since time passes rather quickly, this makes a noticeable difference.

However, if you truly believe that food consumption goes down too fast, you might consider SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
carefully consider SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
either increasing the size of the food in the item.dat file (which is food specific) or increasing the material consume value in the human.cpp file which can be found with a quick 'ctrl-f' for food (this is food general)

Oh yeah, we do kinda have a discord! You can find it in the all-encompassing roguelikes discord. I can invite you if you send me your discord username through messages.
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> Food decay goes down faster the heavier your load

Well hell, that's probably my problem. And thank you very much for answering my question, friend, as well as the discord thing.
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Heh, I didn’t spoiler alerts could be nested. TIL
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Also if you haven't yet figured out gods, there are several of them which can make your food trouble go away.