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YAVP! Natural limbs, no Guard taming, I did cheat the library.

I got my character to kill Elpuri, and then stopped playing for like 5 months while i thought about what to do. I realized that my guy was stacked so i decided to go for a high priest ending. I killed Petrus first then dove for Oree. Petrus was surprisingly easy, I laid out 3 octiron bear traps with 13 large back packs, 16 regular backpacks, and a shit-ton of wands of lightning and striking and fireballs. Everything else in town was a cake walk with my +11 angel hair whip of thievery and my +11 neerc.

Once I had Justy I switched out my whip for the sword and dove to GC9 (stopping to kill Merka). Jumped through the portal, scroll of detected granite and teleported though gc 10 and 11. GC12 was a trial, i didn't realize i needed to be searching for gold instead of granite and that gave the mages time to find me and pound me. Got life saved once on GC12 and jumped the portal to Oree.

On Oree I found myself surrounded in the first room by like 30 monsters, elite dark knights and mages, where I got pounded an life saved again. Teleported out, killed Oree twice in rapid succession and jumped through the portal again with the shirt.

Once I was back on GC1 I was surrounded again by nasties that followed me through the portal and quickly had my right arm(and justy) severed off. I teled out of danger and had to make a decision, go for the baddies and get that sword back or win without it. I was our of AOLS's but I thought that winning without the sword was Bitch so i went back and quickly reclaimed it.

Back in attnam I realized (perhaps mistakenly) I need liefger to like me so i had to burn a scroll of charging on a wand of polymorph and poly an alter on UT3 to it became a liefger alter - sacced the bejeesus until we were cool, then went back and sacced on valpy's alter until he thought we were cool and won.

Some notes: I think I found 3 secret rooms, which was cool.

I only stayed lawful long enough to get the arcanite plate from atavus and then went chaotic and never looked back. If you were willing to do the guard taming trick you could avoid lawful alignment altogether in my opinion and stAy with N and C and get a lot more benefit.

3 lyres of charm are very useful, but despite my marathon charming and sci talking i was never able to get my wi above the high 20's.

The wiki article about material hardening for late game is gone.
I found bones piles for late game failures dating back to 2010, which I thought was cool.

I wish I had read up on golem killing padding your score before I sat on the throne and made/killed some golems because i could have broken into the top 10 probably instead of the high teens.

sorry for my spelling/grammer. I'm kind of drunk.

tl;dr killed things, accumulated stats and items. got the big win, the end.
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How did you get such high LStr and Dex? Did you train them up to there, or was that the result of ommel liquids?

I've tried training my LStr and such, but it seems to take forever to get it past the early-twenties. Even on my high priest victory my only stats that broke 25 were Int and (barely) Wis.

Congrats on the victory!
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3 shot wand of cloning and lots of charging from wishes AND bones.
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My int was from reading scrolls and sci talking.
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Congratulations Batman?!
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Congrats indeed. A win is a win, no matter the score.
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Pretty inspiring Batman?. I loved following the dramatic storyline Would've been cool to have sacked those Golems, but an awsome victory nonetheless.
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GC 12 is really insane. I was cake walking through every other level and I didnt think I would make it. Oree is insane too, i dont know if the monsters followed me through the portal or if you always start out surrounded like that.

I was really suprised how nasty those 2 levels were. way above anything else in the game. My guy was a godlike killing machine and he barely stood a chance. I got the second AOLS on GC11 , i spotted it on the floor and almost didn't pick it up because i was in a hurry!

also when I went through the portal after killing oree i was surrounded - is that typical or did monsters follow me through the portal? I was rather annoyed when i lost justy. I kept thinking "If I did all this, killed oree and die now on GC 1 i am going to be PISSED!"

I wish everyone would post updates from their in progress games, I like reading about what other people are doing.
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Those guys on GC1 followed you through the portal. And as far as dying there, that happened to me a while back, but that character wouldn't have stood a chance against Attnam anyways.

My most recent character just took out Elpuri, but has had horrible luck finding mirroring/cloning wands; I can post some images with my current stats and gear later on.
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The monsters do follow you through the portal, but even if you kill everything before going through, you will still start off surrounded by 4 elite dark knights and 8 acidous blood golems.

Edit: My bad, I misread. After killing Oree. The above applies to arriving on Oree's level.
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I had buffed my HP's to like 380 and the elite dark knights were hitting me HARD. I had previously been wiping the floor with them. I think I should have had stronger gear than octiron. I mentioned before the section on the wiki about the best gear at a certain intelligence level seems to be gone