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If I may suggest necessity to mention what port you used, and possibly separate scoreboards for such? Additionally, a space to add extra sub-notes about the game (no artificial limbs, no weapons, etc., etc.).
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As well as end equipment, alignment, stats and such that was in the original Roll.

... Hell, if we're expanding it, we may as well go all the way
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I understand the "more details" slot is generally for threads with more info on the score, but who really wants to see hundreds of threads about losses on GC1?
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Wouldn't it be better if you could click on the name of the char for more detail.
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good suggestions guys, thanks. I'll work on them
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Sorry to be such a nuisance Cap
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chaostrom wrote
Sorry to be such a nuisance Cap
nah I like the suggestions
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The current top 3 scores are all LIVAN and only one of them (yours, Capristo) is reflected as such. Is it possible to enable moderation of them, or the previously mentioned segregation of ports, like a radio button or a checkbox to determine which was being played?
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(Bump for personal gains resulting from this)
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Perhaps you could have separate Honor rolls per version of the game?
Since apparently winning CVS may be harder than normal IVAN due to it being unbalanced and such, LIVAN has more items to make use of and dungeons, ditto for IVANT...
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Yeah that would be a VERY good idea. LIVAN is way too easy compared to the original for them to be compared.
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Aye, that was my point in the first place.
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I thought we already had this...?
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We have a space to put something like this, the problem is that 2 of the 3 highest scores have ignored it.
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*zaps a wand of necromancy on the thread*
I've submitted some 0.50 dev characters named Excel, and the one that's visible in the top 20 is somehow unattached to my forum profile or anyone else's. Not sure what happened there.
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It was a bug that is now fixed
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7 years later...

Revamped honor rolls!!!

You can now filter by victory/defeat status, and by variant! By default, victories, defeats, and all variants are shown together.

What I would really like to do is have a different icon for each victory type (Justifier, Petrus's nut, Elpuri's head, etc.). That will come soon.

Also will be adding room for additional notes, e.g. "no artificial limbs" shortly
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Shouldn't 0.507 be on this list? Or is it, but nobody has submitted a score yet?
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I just have it as 0.50 dev. Should I break it down for every release? I was thinking just the major releases (0.51 or 0.6) or maybe whenever we release a new large map e.g. Xinroch's tomb.
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Yeah, no need to distinguish every single release in a game as small as IVAN.
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Maybe I should say something. Xinroch's Tomb isn't officially finished yet, but will be by next version. So I'd say 0.50.8 is when you can start counting victories for that dungeon.

Let me ask a philosophical question: is a traditional GC arc victory in 0.50 much different to the same victory in say CVS or 0.50dev?

It could be that we end up with a victory matrix with versions going vertically and victory type going horizontally?
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You can now add notes to your submission as well. I cleaned up some of the existing scores.
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Trying to update submissions gives "Sorry, you are forbidden from accessing this page."
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That's fixed. Took way longer to figure out than it should have