Hmmm what to wish for.

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Just found a ?oWish in ut4 after crushing guggy. I am asking on advice for what to wish for.

No Screenshot but a good overview of my dude:
Phys stats are all in the mid teens
mental stats are all in the mid 20's

Helm o Brilliance +3 (from a genie wish)
AoESP (have AOLS in the stash)
Octiron Chainmail +0
Ommel Hair Cloak +2
Ommel Hair Guants of Dex+2
Belt of Lev
Leather boots of Agi +1 (just found can enchant and harden)
Meteoric Steel short sword +5 Skill 11/14
Mithril Mace +5 Skill 11/14

Wand of cloning
3 scrolls of charging
at least one of every other scroll

My question is what to wish for? I cant wish for ommels obviously. I haven't done enner yet. Wand of Mirroring? armor? holy banana? (can these be cloned?)

second question
I have either a mithril short sword from guggy, or a flaming sword I am thinking about switching to and enchanting (which should I chose and which weapons should I replace?)
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Rather spoilery info for general discussion:

SPOILER ALERT. Click here to see text.
How many charges does the wand of cloning have? If it's anything less than three, get that. Alternatively just hold onto the scroll until you start enchanting or reach GC8/9 and see if you still can't find a cloak of fire/elec resistance, you're going to absolutely need one of them for the mage room in GC10-12. Of course if you're fine with just taking down Elpuri and going for the freedom win, a resistance cloak isn't a necessity.

As for the flaming sword, absolutely switch to that if you can both harden and enchant it.
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JoKe wrote
Rather spoilery info for general discussion:

As for the flaming sword, absolutely switch to that if you can both harden and enchant it.

True about the question being spoily. apologies. I don't know how many charges the wand has because I haven't tried it.

which weapon would you switch the flaming sword for?
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Mace weapon skill is generally more relevant than short swords, so ditch the sword. Especially so if you're going fully chaotic.

If you haven't tried the wand yet, test it on enchantment scrolls or something else you could use more of. Maximizing the charging potential is crucial to a successful run.
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I am planning on going full C- .

you say the mace skill is more relevant, is that because of the SPOILY gift from a certain deity, or do maces have some other property I should know about?
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Turox also exists, as do lightning hammers. Small swords have only Saal'Thul, which is one of the worst artifacts in the game.
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Lightning hammers have never worked out well for me Not saying they can't, just not for me
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capristo wrote
Lightning hammers have never worked out well for me Not saying they can't, just not for me

Me neither. They spike the danger level something fierce. and they just start throwing lightning back in your face. Same with turox. the special effect is more problem than its worth. although dual wielding turoxes is a (mega) ton of fun.

I think it would be more interesting to use thunder hammers if lightning bounced in random directions when it hit a surface rather than right back at you.
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The danger level increase for lightning hammers is completely negligible compared to their effectiveness. Having the lightning bounce in your face is either a matter of resistances or just making sure you're not in the way of the bolt when fighting. I do agree with Turox being rather risky though, you can't reliably have any teleportation sources outside a box when wielding it.
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I was referring more to the lightning bouncing back into me. I tend to pick them up as a light source, then use them in an act of desperation before I have any electricity resistance, and then I die
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If you happen to come across both electricity resistance and lightning hammers early on it can be pretty good. They're pretty quick compared to maces and can block better too, so if you get some skill early on they're better than Turox in some regards. They become much more useful in the longer corridors and open spaces of GC than they are in UT where they don't really get to bounce back at you.
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my wand of cloning was 3 shots and I have 3 scrolls of charging (2 left). I have a giant pile of ?ofCM and some nicely enchanted stuff. I have a thunder hammer in the shop in attnam. Now Im starting to think I should switch the mithril mace out for the thunder hammer...

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killed by enner. acted before thinking. so annoying. at least it left a bones.