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So yeah, I got bored by the lack of >40kb/s internet access, booted up IVAN .50 again and got my high priest victory after three tries. The character had all natural limbs and relatively poor gear (think +5 octiron with +10 spider silk whips of thievery), but the huge amount of teleportation wands sort of countered it. Never saw Sherry or Izzy, but I doubt I could've killed them. I also found one of my earlier bones on GC12 with full valpurium gear +6 - +9 and +15 adamant flaming swords, but the outcome probably wouldn't have changed much without it. I didn't use pets either except for mirroring myself once inside the mage room; all mistresses Nefas summoned were immediately set to not follow, flee from enemies and never change equipment.

Final points 841765


EDIT: Pic of the front page of monsters killed added, didn't take an inventory/equipped pic.
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Woohoo! You da man!
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Congratulations! No pics?
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Didn't bother even trying to upload anything with the speeds I'm currently getting here, there'll be a pic once I get to school.
EDIT: And a pic came.