Hello my friends. A little tip of editing LIVAN and such.


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I'm surprised that there is still activity here. I commend such dedication.

Another thing I'm surprised is that there is still some interest in LIVAN, which is to me is very flawed. First, it is very unbalanced because the addition of so many levels nets you so much more gear, so shaving several generic undescript ones would help. Second, I forgot to make dragon armour be unable to change materials, if I ever made an update I would change that.

Oh yeah, bugs, several bugs like Assassin's limbs having negative weight (the inspiration of the Sol stones)

And those are my two cents. Thanks for the continuation of development and interest!
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Hi lamps! Long time no see! How've ya been?
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Hi Lampshade! Do you have any numbers that you would use to bring balance to LIVAN? Like balancing (introduced) weapons for instance? I have tried this in CLIVAN but I don't know if I had the right mix.
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I always wreck the thread
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Nah, I just forget to check the thread. I don't know what you mean by numbers, and if I knew I probably wouldn't know other than the OP for this thread.
Also Chaos I'm doing fine.