Happy Thanksgiving!


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see subject.
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Eagle V

Is that today? Happy thanksgiving, American People!
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Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans
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Best holiday ever. No religion, no gifts, just nonstop eating all day.
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Amen to that!
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Give thanks for everything you have and then trample people the next day to buy the things you don't have yet!

I do love the food though.
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I have nobody to Thanksgiving with.
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Next year we can try to arrange an IRC thanksgiving party. Everyone brings lots of food, and can haz it all by himself, all over the keyboard.
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Too bad we don't have it in NZ, I have an exam today
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Ischaldirh wrote
I have nobody to Thanksgiving with.

Damn, my friend invited me over to his house for Thanksgiving so I thought I'd be feasting even away from my family. But now he says his redneck aunt's family is coming and he doesn't want me to meet them, ha I told him food trumps everything but he says I shouldn't come. So I'm with you now... heating up leftover pizza
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I spent this and the weekend at my mom's place, had some really good food courtesy of a school program that even delivered it.