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I'm supposed to be named "Hideous", but a type got that done wrongly for me.

Anyway, hi! I've been playing IVAN for a few days now, and it's actually the first roguelike I've ever enjoyed. I usually die in the first tunnels though

Today, I learned that it is stupid to kill a kobold standing two squares away with a wand of fireball.

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EDIT: Whoa, just transformed into a "ghost of a test1".
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=P Hi you foul-looking-person. Or FLOP. /humor (We have members called blob and slob already... We need more similar names to confuse people.)

Anyway, welcome to our warm community. Though I'm about to retire from my mine-stomping duties, I salute you the army way too.
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I want to make a joke about concealing my urine but I'll steer clear of it for reasons I haven't quite figured out yet. Welcome to the forums fella.

It just occurred to me that, in spite of probability, Hidepis might be a girl. In which case, how do you feminize "fella" or does it even need it? Generally I think they just do the ma'am thing in the retarded areas of my country but I don't want a possible she thinking that she's wearing the pants around these forums. We all know that stripper nips and thongs are the dress code here for men and women alike.

We strive to be as unprejudiced and fair as possible, no matter how disturbing the outcome may be.
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Felless? Fellaine?
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The correct term is bitch I believe.
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Unknown_Entity wrote
The correct term is bitch I believe.

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Ernomouse wrote
Felless? Fellaine?

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Fluffy_Bot wrote
We all know that stripper nips and thongs are the dress code here for men and women alike.


I'll go change...