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Post here your good ideas for what to do when bored.

Army commander: Turn yourself into Gorgol Dhan, Gladius etc. and get amazing gear. You might also want to buff up your stats. Then go to Attnam. Wish for Lyre of Charm and summon start summoning your army. After you have summoned 9, use the Lyre to get them by your side. Drop the Lyre, and wish for another one. Repeat this over and over untill you have enough big army. Then just kick someone and the war will start.

I had a lot of fun with this, hope you do so too!
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Fun things to do? Possess anyone. Anyone at all.

It's fun going through UT/GC will all of (New) Attnam by your side.
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Summon hundreds of named baddies in Attnam,posses one,commit genocide.
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Eat mines and vomit gunpowder. In fact, vomit at everything and see it dissolve. Also, pepsi whips.
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And who can forget turning into a monster, and summoning about 50 Izzys? Or, my personal favorite, creating a ton of crap using the cheat that lets you make one of every item a few times, then applying a wand near it. You will get a teleported mess of items that is guaranteed to kill most of Attnam, and is also guaranteed to piss off everyone in Attnam.
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I like to pick-axe around in New Attnam and sell it in Attnam. Awesome golden trees.