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Well here it all is, hosted on my fileserver.

My upload is capped at around 200 kbps so it might not be the fastest possible speed for you but at least it's convenient and you don't have to dig around for old URL's.

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Fix your link. It doesn't click to the right spot (ends at the apostrophe). Use bbcode like a real man, mister "My face is freaky-looking and I am bald."
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How about you just copy paste it you lazy shitface?
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Because, Captain Righteous, it's more fun to call Fluffy names. Also, I am a huge faggot.
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Original thread

Also contains some links to Kahvi's works as well as the captions for the hedgehog sketches on page 4
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Long live the hedgies!
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lol, nice thread. And thanks fluffy, I was looking for these.
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I would use BBCode, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work with links to the corners on my server. Not quite sure what the deal there is but either way you'd end up having to copy and paste links. Using BBCode just puts shit on the beginning and end of the URL's. Pretty sure it has to do with the spaces in the names.

I'll also add anything I can find in that thread and fix up a directory structure to give each author their own section.

[EDIT] Done. Let me know if there's anything I've missed. And capristo: any chance you could look into what's causing the bbcode to fuck up with my URL's? It handled my two videos just fine but won't seem to work with any kind of subdirectory (the vids were on the root of my fileserver).

[EDIT EDIT] Well that's strange, it works as a clickable URL now. Uh, thanks capristo!
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Nice stuff - love the hedgies. I once sketched IVAN's Ivan during a boring lecutre (actually, a Russian class) but have no means to scan/photography it at the moment...
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Well if anyone else has fan art for IVAN let me know. It's very easy to add.
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Fluffy_Bot wrote
[EDIT EDIT] Well that's strange, it works as a clickable URL now. Uh, thanks capristo!

I didn't do nothing. The reason it wasn't working was you had an apostrophe in the URL.
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Great and funny pictures.
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Has anyone got these saved? The link on top of the page has died, rotted and dried to dust long ago.
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Erno I think I still have all the photos, but when I moved servers I just didn't want to wait for them to upload until I was sure we'd be sticking with this new server. I'll probably put them up this weekend
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Great, thanks!