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before enner i have found 5 wands of poly a wand of mirroring 3 lamps (no wishes, 1 hostile genie) and AOLS and a scroll of wishing. I also found 1 hidden room. I am currently extremely lawful but only have an Atavus altar. There are a bumch of Chaotic alters and i am thinking of switching. Any suggestions on L vs C with the gods? I always seem to prefer the C gods, and I really want that mace!
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I almost always go for the chaotic ones, since they keep giving you gifts while the lawful gods are more situational.

Also if you turn off "Be nice to pets" end equip a whip you can kill the mistresses Nefas gives you for food
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Go chaotic, especially if it's what you're used to
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I am going to go extremely C-, what i am doing now is moving my poly pile around so i can transform all of my non chaotic alters into different chaotic ones. I am waiting on going chaotic until i blow up a few more spots with leifgers help. I find his destructive gifts the best way to find hidden rooms quickly.

Weapons questions, normally I go for whips of thievery, but I haven't found any in this game. I do have an arcanite 2handed scimitar and an adamantine mace, which i plan on enchanting up. The weapons comparison says i can 1 hand the mace at 7 astr but i am haing much difficulty 1 handing it at 12 , is the 7astr a typo? Also thoughts on the 2 handed scimitar? its light so i can 1 hand it easily, i am wondering if it is a good weapon or if its drawbacks (roundness maybe?) make it a bad choice for my open weapon slot.
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The weapons comparison minimum strength requirement is just that; the least amount of strength you need to swing it. You may be having much difficulty, but you can still wield it.
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AWESOME, thanks.

Anyone have any feedback on the usefulness of the Arcanite 2H Scimitar as a weapon?
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Well, in my experiences, it kills stuff fast enough.

I once dual wielded one (Or was it made of octiron? I'm not sure.) with a flaming sword for pretty much the whole GC. I don't think I took longer to kill monsters then I do with whips. Definitely better than trying to go unarmed.