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How do I enable debug macros like DBG1 2 3 4... do you guys just make your own definitions in dbgmsgproj.h and so should I, or am I missing something? As far as I can see there is no DEBUGish config for the project generally.

I'm new here but I would really like to get going with coding so I can help you guys with development, fixing bugs and implementing some of those ideas and suggestions. I searched the forum for the most part but I didn't find any documentation for coding or even general guides, does such a thing exist?
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You are very much welcome to contribute! We don't have much in terms of documentation (except for the very obsolete one), but you can check out the contribution guidelines:

I think feoja or AquariusPower could help you more with the macros.

BTW, if you feel like writing some documentation, feel free to open a pull request and upload it to the repo.
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Sure, I'll probably end up writing a lot if I have enough spare time
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Hi Vladivarius! I don't really know how the debug macros are meant to be used, AquariusPower created them, but he doesn't hang out on this forum, he's really only reachable on GitHub. I bet if you ask him directly he'll explain them.

It's great to have a fellow coder on board, sorry about the lack of documentation though, it's something that's been missing for ages.