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Trying to make ingots out of iron. The first attempt was interrupted (because I was starving and passed out) but I decided to continue processing my lumps for a bones file. I didn't "continue previous job" (if such an option exists) but went straight back to "melt ingot" (which, side note, is poorly phrased - makes it sound like we are taking ingots and melting them down, rather than melting lumps into ingots). CTD with the following message:

this crafting was already suspended
'rc.IscanBeSuspended()=1; itToolID=0; itTool2ID=0, itSpawnCfg=2, itSpawnMatMainCfg=28674; itSpawnMatMainVol=250; itSpawnMatSecCfg=0; itSpawnMatSecVol=0; otSpawnCfg=0; otSpawnMatMainCfg=0; otSpawnMatMainVol=0; otSpawnMatSecCfg=0; otSpawnMatSecVol=0; fsItemSpawnSearchPrototype=; fsCraftInfo=melt an ingot (), started at Underwater Tunnel II; v2AnvilLocation=0,0; v2ForgeLocation=129,12; v2WorkbenchLocation=0,0; v2PlaceAt=0,0; v2PlayerCraftingAt=128,12;
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ay caramba