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I was somewhat bored, and I got the idea of trying to recreate a character I was playing in IVAN using HeroMachine. I tried one of my farthest, then realized I forgot how he looked, so I made a new character, just for recreation. The options were limited in some areas, but pretty liberal in others, so some things, I had to settle on something I didn't like.

Original character: Blah V
Significant high stats: None
Armor: Bronze Chainmail, Leather Boots(+1), Leather Gloves(+1 of Dexterity), Hardened Leather Belt
Weapons: Diamond Dagger(+3), Bronze Dagger of Venom

Somehow, it seems like I'm posting this in the wrong section
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Well I made an attempt at recreating my own winning character, but got tired in the attempt. I was having some trouble finding decent legwear, and a glowey mace was tough too...
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One of my Scythe saves I got quite a bit of Draconic armor while using a Scythe (it was supposed to be a Suicide save... but he lived longer then intended)

Here he is (Sorry, the scan isn't too good...)