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I have been scrounging the forum for any indication of how to can food since I learned that it was a mechanic in the game to no avail. I've tried crafting, "applying", and dipping, among other things. How do you can food, and are there any restrictions on what can (no pun intended) or cannot be canned? Help would be greatly appreciated.
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AFAIK you cannot can your own food currently. Empty cans can be filled with liquids though.

I seem to recall that at some point prior to 0.50 you were able to do this by using a pickaxe on corpses or dipping them, but I could be totally wrong as well.
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Thanks for the help any how. Seeing that there aren't many other active threads, would you mind giving a few tips on crafting? My first successful crafting endeavor involved forging ingots of dwarven steel into a two-handed sword for 2 hours, only to result in a broken weapon. Is crafting worth it, or should it only be done if you really know what you are doing? I have a mere cloth cap on my character as of now and am worried that I could be one-shotted by anything in the gloomy caves.
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I'm not sure that crafting is a particularly well-explored subsystem. I haven't seen much on it, anyhow. Report back what you learn!
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Crafting is very new subsystem, so I don't think anyone has really explored what everything can be done with it (and what is broken). Maybe start with smaller items? I think they should be easier to craft.