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Following shoutbox discussion - a subsystem proposal, sort of as an extension of the new crafting mechanics. Canning food. Several elements:

Cans: Now come in sealed and open/broken. A sealed can of food will never rot, but you also can't consume the contents. An open can will rot, but you can eat out of it. Most cans found in game will still be sealed.

Opening cans: Now requires the use of something capable of dealing slashing or piercing damage, OR a new tool (can opener). Using a can opener is totally safe. Using weapons has a chance (low (maybe 10%?) for slashing, about double for piercing) of contaminating the contents. Contamination is usually generic poison varying from weak to pretty strong, but rarely will give a worse condition (leprosy? parasite? ...tetanus?) as well.

Filling cans: You can fill cans with lumps of food, which can be produced by applying a slashing weapon on a corpse or severed limb. Bananas and other fruits can be canned without needing to be chopped up; bananas become "un-peeled" in the process, so you get a banana peel out of it.

Sealing cans: Mellis will still trade open, empty cans for sealed, full cans. There might be a cannery in Attnam or another city which will seal your cans for a fee, or a rare dungeon fixture which can be used to seal cans. Dungeon canneries might require that you input some consumable fuel (sticks? wooden stuff? coal? vacuum corn? idk...) or might just have limited uses. Also, there might be a very rare Wand of Sealing which will seal cans. (Also lock doors and chests. Maybe other effects, like sealing away demons/undead/magic?)
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I think that even open cans should *slow* rotting, but not prevent it. That way canning is still somewhat useful even without the sealing tool, but still not overpowered.

I don't think that opening cans should require anything. Mostly because that would be an annoying extra step.
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I don't think that food in cans should be contaminated while it is being opened, maybe there should be a canning skill, and lower it is, the higher is the chance of contaminating food? It still would be very low (if the poisoning effect would be strong). Using fuel in a dungeon cannery is a good idea, because we seal cans by putting them in boiling water irl, so... I guess it is realistic. And, if there is a wand of sealing, maybe there should be a wand of unsealing, that could be used to trigger mines, open doors, ribcages, chests, walls, etc. Also, if we are adding canning, then we have to add pickles.

EDIT: Canning is actually easy, all you need is a jar (or a can), a source of heat, a large pot, and a sealing tool. So we could add campfires to the crafting system (if it isn't there, idk), adapt cauldrons/add pots and add a sealing tool and that would be it. Do we really need to build up a lot around the concept of canning? Probably not.

P.S. Praise Pickles
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badbeaver wrote
Also, if we are adding canning, then we have to add pickles.

This. If nothing else in this thread, THIS.
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Pickles outside of jars, could they be naked?
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Nude pickles?! How shameless! Are you trying to turn this into a porn game?!
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Also, Sauerkraut.