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Hello everyone.
I am sort of running out of ideas for AtomicIVAN, so I thought i'd ask the community for anything they'd like to see in the game.

To give you an idea of what has already been done or is being worked on, here is a list:
Gunhammers, Gunswords, Gunlances
Shotguns, Bazookas, AK47s, and other firearms
Various combat armors
Wands removed
A huge RtD based dungeon
Monster material items
The IVAN world has been greatly modernised
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Throwables, aka various grenades. Frag, smoke, phosphore, pressure (the one without a fragmenting case)... Throwable mines, maybe. The military industry is good in finding new ways to cause destruction, you might try wikipedia for ideas.

Mines. Atom bomb mine is in already, as are normal ones, right? Make a Bouncing Betty -kind of mine. Again, wikipedia...

EDIT: Oh yeah, and you might want to consider replacing named enemies with Saddam Hussein, G.W. Bush, Josif Stalin, Mao Tse Dong, Kim Il Jong etc...
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Thanks for the suggestions Erno!

Hmm I can't see bouncing bettys working in IVAN. I have however, made molotovs. Well kinda anyway, as the player must find a can or barrel of petrol and then dip a bottle in it. I'm still working on real grenades.
I think I might change Ur Khan into Saddam and his orcs into terrorists...
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You can't make explosions shooting out little projectiles = smaller explosions? =( Oh well...
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I was thinking more along the lines of a mine that jumps out of the ground and explodes when I thought of a bouncing betty, and thus would be pointless in IVAN. Except maybe if the damage was more targeted at the torso and head maybe, instead of the legs up like a normal mine...
But I don't think it is possible for an object to explode and create more objects that, in turn, explode. I could try.

EDIT: I could try making it that the mine explodes and sends out fireball wand particles maybe? That might work.
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I believe that has, in fact, been done before. Wasn't there a wand of apocalypse or something someone coded?
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4zb4, that's what I'm talking about. Bouncing betty was designed so that it would detonate at hip height and still cause casualties at 50 meters... A mine to take out a whole squad!
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Shouldn't this be in general IVAN discussion?
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I just had a great idea!

A DIGGING level. Where you start off in a small room containing only the stairs upwards and a steel pickaxe. There will be numerous "pockets" filled with monsters and items (The walls will be made out of the same material as the earth to prevent detect scrolling). And in one of these pockets, there are the stairs down to the next level.
Sound good?
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But there would have to be clues to the stairs because people would end up digging for large amounts of time.
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Simple solution - make the level smaller
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Just make the floor tiles light until you reach a certain color that has the stairs in them or make the rooms larger, have arrows pointing to the next room. Some suggesting...
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Perhaps have the exit room made of steel, and the appropriate pickaxe required located around the level somewhere?
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A digging level? Only way that'll be anything but a death trap is if you put lots of food on it.

I've a better idea. The stairs up and down are right next to each other. However, there are pockets of empty space throughout the rock that either hold a chest with food and other goodies (high quality) or enemies. The enemies being more common than chests, naturally. Perhaps no more than 2-3 chests scattered here and there that require a lot of digging to reach.
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Hmm that is indeed true chao (as I found out).
A slightly different idea: A level completely full of square rooms of the same size which are seperated by 1 tile thick walls. Same concept as before, except I make food scarce so that the player needs to get to the stairs before they starve. There will of course be canned food in the exit room so they don't starve on the next level.
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Thats a great idea!
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Eagle V

Make it an IVANcube level. Every room has a 75% chance to have a landmine/bear trap/banana peel/broken bottle on a random square. If it is in Atomic, put a Mad German Scientist behind a glass wall in one corner of the level. Bonus points if his notepad reads everything you did on this level so far - "Test subject broke trough wall"
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Haha Eagle V, you have given me a great idea.
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If you do the mad scientist thing it would be pretty cool to add some mutant humans to the level too just give them weird stats and change their skin color.
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Mutant animals and previously dead characters that have been resurrected by the power of SCIENCE!
And a tentacle monster for good measure
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The boss has to be the father of the main character!
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What, a hippo?
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I was thinking a father of the main character but you know...
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Well the main character was raised by hippos, so do the math.
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1. Maybe change 'cans' to 'canteens'?

2. Also, add the possibility of cauldrons of various soups to appear. Cauldrons would be heavy when full - like over 9000 gram. Hell, even heavier. They are meant to be filled with pea soup, potato soup and other military-flavored delicacies, so nutritious that... well just about as nutritious as a two-headed moose. This could especially be helpful on the dig level. Perhaps Mellis could refill them.

3. Also, gods:
Legifer - Sapper supreme, master of grenades and landmine detector.
Atavus - Uncle Sam, promoter of ranks and chest-of-goodies dropper.
Mellis - patron of quartermasters, lord of ammunition.
Scabies - Bioweaponry patron

4. Mutations : after surviving some kind of ABC attack, drinking from a fountain, or (badass) just staying in the dungeon too long, a counter goes up. And after it reaches a certain level, a random limb gets changed to a random material.

5. Cannons, Howitzers (maybe only outdoors), whatevar : add something like wands. Except they are fucking heavy. Too heavy to pick up and move with, let's say. And they spew giant explosions. So you retreat to a room with a cannon and "pick it up" and BANG! Make my day, stupid hippie.

6. Invisibility is for pussies (i.e. humans). Being undetectable by robots is the thing one will need to pass through the ROWBAT STEALPH SPLINTER SOLID LEVEL! Complete with traps which break yer jammer.

7. TNT. Filled. Walls. In this badass level, don't just wank on the 'no-mines' thought. Better look out - every explosion reaching the walls will cause a chain explosion so bad it's BAD.

8. The enner beast's brother is bitter, shocked and PISSED OFF that You killed Enny! He resides in his raw-steel-walled command center, the hero gets greeted by him laughing his not necessarily nigger ass, and something in the level constantly screams "ATTENTION! AUTODESTRUCTION SEQUENCE IS IN PROGRESS"! HAVE YOU GOT THE MOTHERFUCKING BALLS TO STOP THIS MADMAN IN ONE FUCKING HOUR FUCK SHIT PUTTA!?