Am I losing My mind

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or are my weapons randomly losing enchantment? I am pretty sure a certain spoily amphibian monster can do this, but there isn't one on the level.

It could all be in my head though, because I only play once a week or so, so maybe I am just forgetting, but I ould have sworn my saal thuul was +2 and now is +0

can anything else disenchant weapons? dark frog blood, floating eye stares, etc.
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Certain magically inclined amphibians also have a nasty tendency to spawn/teleport inside those secret rooms with no doors on the map. IIRC, they - among other horrible things - can disenchant your items. Chances are there's one or two of them sitting in a walled-off dirt-encased secret room and you're probably going to want to get off that dungeon floor as soon as possible.
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Or detect some meteoric steel

I HATE losing enchantment. IVAN isn't so bad about it but other games like Moria... it's the worst
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Moria is bad for that. I dont think the certain amphibian is on the level, my Danger level is to low for it to spawn. plus i am not getting any of the other effects and I have been on the level for a while.
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Hmm. Well, the only other thing I can think of that lowers enchantment is having pissed off a god and praying to them. Chances are if that was the case, you would know though.