About to go to GC6, wish me luck!


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Died. But hehe rune sword go brrrrr not really
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I see you're having a good run. That usually means an interesting death.
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you should have cloned that rune sword and dual wielded
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Haha love the idea, but I tried and rune swords can't be cloned -_-. The thing is that the rune sword ended up killing me because my danger level multiplied itself by approximately 23 mil. During my short time with the sword, everything that hit me shattered some armor and left me with a black torso (ex: wolf hits me, broken blue jade boot of strength +9, severed leg), I cloned ommel snot, but that made it even worse, each hit took an aols (I had 3) away. So I died to a bamboo golem lol. I would advise never doing this, but if you want to just laugh at the stupidity of the situation you end up in, be my guest.
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Wow. I didn't even notice that rune sword at first and already thought your gear looks pretty solid. Wow.