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Could some skilled in the art of decompiling, doing magics, then compiling back fix the bug (something left in during testing, I guess) in the CVS-derived variants of IVAN, like IVAN 3d and IVAN-X? I refer to the fact that you start with Unarmed combat skill at level 19 (pretty significant, I guess).

I'm not sure there are sources for these, but the bug always ticked me off. Thanks if you try
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I guess being that skilled is what you get for being raised by hippos and working at a banana plantation.
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It is intentional I believe. Starting with zero unarmed skill greatly increases your chance of dying in a stupid way in the first few turns.
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I seriously doubt it. First of all, +95% is a very large bonus, and second of all, you get none in the 0.5 version of IVAN... hence it would make more sense to just increase the base unarmed damage, if anything.

Plus, with unarmed at level 19, wouldn't it make more sense just to stick with it rather than bother with other weapons - regular weapons - at least? I could try testing the effectiveness of it, but presumably two fists +lv19 unarmed beat all those daggers and halberds at unskilled.

(in no regular game, by the way, I managed to get to a level as high as 19 with any weapon skill!)

My guess was that there was some testing of a new martial arts mechanic of sorts, which could be seen on higher levels of unarmed skill, or otherwise a reworking of the improvement system, easier to test if you started out with a higher skill...
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I don't really see why it's an issue, but hey, whatever you want I guess. It's not like unarmed is very powerful, even at level 19.
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Cerumen: You could always try one of the variants. I'm fairly certain they all remove said bug/feature.
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No need to recompile, as it is defined in the char.dat file. The simplest way to fix it would be to remove the following two lines from "humanoid":

KnownCWeaponSkills == UNARMED;
CWeaponSkillHits == 19000;

Since this is defined in "humanoid", it says that every humanoid which has no skills specified especially for it has level 19 in unarmed (e.g. player, banana grower). This would make more sense with a low value like 100, since e.g. Alfred has only 1000 points in unarmed (level 12).

I think you can fix it yourself, no need to recompile the package.
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Ah, thanks, I'll check that out