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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Sophos is the god of of knowledge, magic and handicrafts. His alignment is slightly lawful (L-).


When pleased, Sophos will

  • teleport you randomly, and
    • This teleportation cannot be controlled with TeleControl, but is blocked by Teleport Lock.
  • sometimes whisper a secret, granting you some experience to Intelligence, Willpower or Mana.
    • The chance is based on Wisdom, so wise characters will gain the boon more often.

As all gods, he may also grow you a new limb made of an aligned material, give you an aligned item, or when very pleased give you a temporary pet angel.

"Suddenly, the fabric of space experiences an unnaturally powerful quantum displacement! You teleport away!"

When angry, Sophos will teleport a random part of your body away.



There are no fixed locations for Sophos' altars; they can be found randomly throughout dungeons.


Sophos offers a reliable way of escaping trouble that, unlike the scrolls, can be activated instantly, and unlike the wands, can be used normally even when you have lost your limbs.