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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively


Silva is the goddess of nature, who protects all living things. Her earthly manifestation, located in the elven nation of Lunethia, is a giant holy tree which reaches the clouds. Her alignment is N+, lawful neutral.



  • If very hungry, raises your hunger level to Satiated.
 Your stomach feels full again.
  • If burning, douses you with water.
  • Otherwise:
    • If below ground, causes a horrendous earthquake that will crush enemies, detonate mines, break traps, randomly cave-in the ceiling, creating new walls, and cause damage to existing walls and items, or
    • above ground summons friendly wolves.



Offering these items to Silva at her altar will receive a greater bonus towards your relation with her:

Or any item made of any type of wood or cloth, all fruits and vegetables, and most types of rock. See the List of materials for more details.


  • There is a priestess of Silva in New Attnam who will cure leprosy (20 gold), cure poison (5 gold), re-attach a limb (10 gold), or summon a new limb (20 gold).
  • There is a guaranteed altar to Silva in the Crystal Cave.


  • In v0.50, praying to Silva on GC6 lead to an infinite loop, crashing the game. That bug was since fixed.
  • Silva was once known as Terra.