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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Rings are a type of jewellery which grants you various passive magical boosts. You can wear two rings at a time, one on each of your hands (assuming you haven't lost an arm yet).

Types of Rings

Ring Name Material Effect
Acid Resistance Gold Reduces the damage taken from acidic materials, such as sulphuric acid, dark frog blood or acidous blood.
Electricity Resistance Ebony Reduces the damage taken from lightning (from the wand, thunder hammer and Dark Mages spells).
Fire Resistance Dragon Hide Protects from explosions.
Infravision Silver Grants Infravision.
Invisibility Glass Grants Invisibility.
Poison Resistance Tin Reduces the damage received while Poisoned.
Polymorph Arcanite Polymorphs at random times.
Polymorph Control Sapphire Grants PolyControl.
Searching Oak Automatically searches for traps and hidden things. This is not a free action.
Teleport Mithril Teleports at random times.
Teleport Control Ruby Grants TeleControl.


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