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== Side Quests ==
== Side Quests ==
=== Spider Quest ===
=== Sumo Champion Quest ===
=== Sumo Champion Quest ===

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

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Main Quests

Deliver the Encrypted Scroll

This is the very first quest assigned to you as part of the game's intro. You are entrusted with an encrypted scroll to deliver to the High Priest Petrus at the city of Attnam.
Unfortunately for you, New Attnam is surrounded by water and Attnam's ships are trapped in winter's ice, so your only option is to travel by foot through the Underwater Tunnels which are rife with monsters and hostile plant life.

Once you have successfully fought your way through the tunnel and delivered the scroll to Petrus, you will immediately be sent on the Freedom Quest and the location of the Gloomy Cave will be revealed on the world map.

Freedom Quest

Having read the encrypted scroll, you discover that Richel Decos has sold you into slavery under Petrus in an attempt to avoid paying Attnam more taxes. Unfortunately for him, Petrus and Sir Haedlac Galladon VII are already wise to his tricks, due to reports he had been buying medium sized castles with the immense amounts of treasure seized from the natives of Tweraif. Petrus would like to investigate, but cannot do so until spring as he does not wish to lose troops to the cold.

In any case, Petrus decides he must find something for you to do in the meantime. As it turns out, an evil dark frog by the name of Elpuri has taken up residence in an abandoned mine as of late, and has been harassing Attnam and building an army. Additionally, the Shirt of the Golden Eagle - the best armor in existence - has been stolen from the cathedral. Fortunately Elpuri cannot wear it due to his immense size, but any who can would be nigh immortal, Petrus says.
Due to your experience fighting underground, Petrus decides to send you after Elpuri and will reward you with your freedom should you present him with his head. Should you also recover the Shirt of the Golden Eagle, he will raise you to knighthood.

Successfully diving into the Gloomy Cave, defeating Elpuri and returning to Petrus with his head will give you the freedom ending and a 2X multiplier to your total score.

Knighthood Quest

You may recall Petrus mentioned someone stole the Shirt of the Golden Eagle, and that he would grant you a knighthood for its safe return.
Once you have defeated Elpuri you may notice a strange portal in his lair. Trying to enter it prompts you with a warning, saying that you feel entering it would be extremely dangerous and that you would have no way back.

Should you brave the portal, you will be deposited to an even deeper level of the Gloomy Cave, far more dangerous than those above. If you can successfully fight your way through to its deepest point and retrieve the Shirt of the Golden Eagle from its guardian, you will be able to take a portal back up to the higher levels of the cave. You may then return to Attnam and present the shirt to Petrus for your knighthood... or decided to challenge Petrus for the title of High Priest.

Returning the Shirt of the Golden Eagle to Petrus nets you the knighthood ending and a 4X multiplier to your score.

Chaos Ending

At any point in the game you can decide to instead take a third option and rebel against Petrus and the rest of the Attnamese Empire.
Although extremely difficult - especially if you haven't prepared yourself adequately - if you manage to exterminate the entirety of Attnam including Petrus, you can take his left nut and leave town, where you will be greeted and taken in by Mortifer as his Champion of Chaos.

Slaying Petrus and leaving town with his left nut grants you a 3X multiplier to your score.

Becoming the High Priest

The position of High Priest of the Great Frog is one taken by force. Every High Priest has ascended to his position by slaying the previous High Priest and taking his place. If you wish to become the High Priest of the Great Frog, your ascension to the throne will be no different.

Once you have retrieved the Shirt of the Golden Eagle and returned to Attnam, Petrus will ask you to return it to him. Should you give it to him, you'll gain knighthood and the game will end immediately. If however you decide to be greedy or vengeful you can instead refuse to give him the shirt and challenge him for the position of High Priest. Petrus will turn bright red and engage you in mortal combat - however this will not be an honest duel! Literally everyone in Attnam will rush to the aid of their High Priest and aid in combat in whatever way they can.

Should you manage to defeat Petrus, everyone still left alive will accept his defeat and go back to their normal activities. In order to secure your ending, all you must do is become the Champion of Valpurus (by increasing your relationship with him to 1000), take up the Left Nut of Petrus, equip the Shirt of the Golden Eagle and sit on Petrus' throne.

Once you have been declared the new High Priest of the Great Frog, the game ends and you net a 5X multiplier to your score.

Side Quests

Spider Quest

Sumo Champion Quest

If you decide to pay a visit to New Attnam at some point on your journey you may come across Huang Ming Pong the sumo wrestler in his hut. If you are feeling confident in your unarmed combat abilities you can challenge him to a sumo match (which as it turns out is actually more like an unarmed fight to the death) while the tourists and Richel Decos watch on.
The rules are simple - you and Huang fight each other in a small arena using mirror images. You are completely stripped of all items and equipment, meaning your victory can only be secured via your statistics and unarmed combat skill.

If you manage to defeat Huang in mortal combat, you will be rewarded with the belt of levitation and a shirt with a decos banana co. advert which you can use to gain some gold based on the amount of time you've spent wearing it.
Huang will also teach you some martial arts, giving a boost to your unarmed combat skill.


At any point in the game you can decide to liberate New Attnam from the clutches of the imperialists. Simply attack Richel Decos or his guards to begin this subquest. Take particular care to attack only Richel Decos, his rookie guards, the shopkeeper and the banana grower encourager - attacking anyone else will turn the natives hostile and break the quest.

If you manage to overcome Richel Decos and his cohorts, New Attnam will be freed and all the natives will have a change in dialogue. However, you will earn the ire of Huang Ming Pong as the natives will stop bringing him bananas and he will refuse to agree to a sumo match. If you wish to start the revolution and still gain the belt of levitation, make sure you beat Huang Ming Pong in sumo wrestling before you take on Richel Decos.


With the addition of Mondedr and Kharaz-arad come new side quests for the player to complete.

Retrieve the Ring of Thieves

Slay Genefourx Vesana

If one were to explore the dungeon beneath the pond in Kharaz-arad one would find that it eventually leads to a sprawling floor filled with carnivorous plant life far stronger than any you'd see in the Underwater Tunnels. Sat in the center of a great many carnivorous plants and surrounded by a pool of poison is Genefourx Vesana the grandmother carnivorous mutant plant.

Although not an explicit quest in and of itself, slaying Genefourx Vesana will grant you access to the Tranquil Pond with a fountain in the center, as well as some random items. It is suspected that this entire dungeon was part of an unfinished quest, perhaps started by talking with Denim the vault keeper.


CLIVAN presents several new quests and side quests, including a brand new ending.

Ommel Blood Quest

Within the Deep Forest you may come across the Priestess of Cleptia. Should you speak to her, she will present you with a quest - she needs you to take a klein bottle full of ommel blood and curdle it with an Enner Beast's roar.
The only enner beast you know of is one found within the Gloomy Cave. Simply take the klein bottle to the Gloomy Cave and allow the bottle to take damage from the enner beast's roar in order to curdle the blood inside.

Once you have curdled the blood, return the klein bottle to the priestess to receive your reward - a map to the Tomb of Xinroch.

Free the Prisoners

Freedom for Tweraif

If you have completed the Revolution side quest, CLIVAN allows you to secure an ending for yourself by completing this quest.
During your travels in CLIVAN you may have come across the Constitution of Independant Tweraif. By following its instructions, you can liberate New Attnam for good and end the game victorious. Simply locate the Seedling of a Holy Mango Tree within the Deep Forest and plant it upon the banana drop area in New Attnam.

Having done so you will be proclaimed Liberator of Tweraif and the game will end with no multiplier applied to your score.