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You need food to survive.

Hunger States

  • Overfed!
  • Bloated
  • Satiated
  • Undisplayed neutral hunger state
  • Hungry
  • Very hungry
  • Starving!

Hunger states other neutral can have deleterious effects on player stats or health. Most apparent is the fainting spells and sudden death that can result from starvation, but any level of hunger can lead to loss of strength and endurance. Even an abundance of food can cause harm, as satiation and above have increasingly severe effects on agility leading to sluggishness and inability to dodge attacks. As an example, a Holy banana increases all stats instantly, but the player will rarely end up with a net gain to agility as the super-filling meal will cause the agility gains to be lost almost immediately.

Fasting is a status effect concerning hunger. While it has no effect on the player's actual hunger state, it grants protection from passing out or death from starvation. Counterintuitively, "fasting" also allows the player to continue engorging himself well past Overfed status without vomiting. Stat loss from hunger states is however unaffected.


  • Corpses are a common source of nutrition, but you need to learn which are safe to eat. Kobolds, for example, will make you sleepy, while meat of mutant monsters causes temporary polymorphitis. Some corpses can also have value other than as a quick snack. It is often wiser to conserve certain types of flesh until a larger meal can be eaten, in order to gain a permanent effect rather than a temporary one from a single corpse.
  • Some gods will help you stave off hunger. Seges will restore you to Satiated level if you pray while Hungry or worse, while Silva and Nefas will feed you when you're at least Very hungry.
    • Mellis can provide food indirectly, as his prayer will fill your empty bottles and cans with random contents, often providing some edibles.
  • If things get really bad, you may find a way to rid yourself of an arm or leg and eat that.