New features in version 0.50

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

See Known Issues for bugs and workarounds.

  • fluids can now cover items and characters and interact with them
  • items made of iron alloys can now rust
  • added directional light and day and night which use it
  • added some cosmetical weather effects
  • New Attnam has now many new NPCs, for instance a sumo wrestler who can be challenged
  • polymorph control is now more interesting; you need to see a monster once before you can polymorph into it, and more powerful ones require more intelligence
  • added wands of acid rain, mirroring and necromancy
  • added scrolls of detect material, harden material and golem creation
  • added several new monsters, eg. powerful named archangels for each god and necromancers who raise skeletons and zombies to do their bidding
  • one can now give pets tactical commands, change their equipment and use them to carry extra stuff (these are accessed using 'C'hat and 'I'ssue commands keys)
  • the player can now panic if he gets hit too much, like the monsters have done in previous versions
  • the player can now become exhausted if he fights for too long and/or uses the new r'u'n command too much
  • spiders are now able to make webs
  • you can now get stuck to slime
  • badly hurt/trapped bodyparts now become unusable until they regain some HP/become untrapped
  • it is now possible to browse detailed death reasons of individual monsters in the postgame massacre lists
  • added many new informative graphical details, for instance recently altered attributes are shown with a *different color for some time
  • gloomy cave is now longer and has more special levels and rooms
  • all the endgame battles are more complex
  • added leprosy, a nasty disease which causes your limbs to drop off randomly