List of Monsters

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

A monster is one of the most common causes of death.

General Monsters

Hostile Creatures

Angel.png Angel
Bat.png Bat
Bear.png Bear
Blink.gif Blink Dog
Buffalo.png Buffalo
Bunny.png Carnivorous Mutant Bunny
Plant.png Carnivorous Plant
Chameleon.png Chameleon
Cossack.png Cossack
GiantDarkFrog.png Dark Frog
EliteDarkKnight.png Dark Knight
DarkBattlemage.png Dark Mage
Eddy.gif Eddy in Spacetime Continuum
FloatingEye.png Floating eye
Genie.png Genie
Ghost.png Ghost
Magpie.png Giant Magpie
Gibberling.png Gibberling
GoblinButcher.png Goblin
IronGolem.png Golem
Hattifattener.png Hattifattener
Hedgehog.png Hedgehog
Imp.png Imp
InvisibleStalker.png Invisible Stalker
Jackal.png Jackal
KamikazeDwarfLegifer.png Kamikaze Dwarf
Kobold.png Kobold
Cat.png Large Cat
Rat.png Large Rat
Lion.png Lion
Mammoth.png Mammoth
Mindworm.png Mind Worm
MistressTorturingChief.png Mistress
GreenSlime.png Mommo Slime
Mushroom.png Mushroom
MutantAss.png Mutant Ass
MasterNecromancer.png Necromancer
OrcOfficer.png Orc
Punisher.png Punisher
Puppy.gif Puppy
PureMass.png Pure Mass of Bill's Will
SkeletonWarrior.png Skeleton
Skunk.png Skunk
Snake.png Snake
Giantspider.png Spider
Moose.png Two-Headed Moose
BlackUnicorn.png Unicorn
Werewolf.gif Werewolf
Wolf.png Wolf
ZombieFull.png Zombie

Neutral Creatures

Farmer.png Farmer
Hunter.png Hunter
Wife.png Wife
Slave.png Banana Grower
ShopGuard.png Guard
Priestess.png Priest
Tourist.png Tourist
GiantLightFrog.png Light Frog
Dolphin.png Female Dolphin
Ostrich.png Levitating Ostrich
PalmGirl.png Female Servant
Court Jester

Named Monsters


Name Location
Kaethos.png Kaethos the village elder New Attnam
Zolku.png Zolku the shopkeeper New Attnam
SlaveDriver.png the Banana Grower Encourager New Attnam
Priestess.png Florea the Priestess of Silva New Attnam
Sumo.png Huang Ming Pong the sumo wrestler New Attnam
RichelDecos.png Richel Decos the imperialist New Attnam
Ikiros.png Ikiros the smith Attnam
Hulbo.png Hulbo the shopkeeper Attnam
Mirvo.png Mirvo the tailor Attnam
Haathbar.png Haathbar the librarian Attnam
the Bum Attnam
Verax the Priest of Valpurus Attnam
Thesaurius the hoardmaster Attnam
Haedlac.png Sir Haedlac Galladon VII the master guard Attnam
Petrus.png Petrus the high priest of the Great Frog Attnam
Lady Decora the shining knight of Legifer Attnam
Sir Lancelyn the emissary of Aslona Attnam
Khor the orcish representative Attnam
Elianise the elven ambassador of the Dark Forest Attnam
Anmah the imprisoned necromancer Attnam Catacombs
Migel Decos the master torturer Attnam Catacombs
Laki Oppilas the law student Attnam Catacombs
Merka.png Merka the shopkeeper Gloomy Cave 2 - 5
Ivan.png Ivan the communist Gloomy Cave 8
Vladimir.png Vladimir the gigantic carnivorous mutant bunny Gloomy Cave 8
High Lady Kauhistuttava the master tomb guard Tomb of Xinroch entry
Praecantrix the Priestess of Infuscor Tomb of Xinroch
Pate the peddler Tomb of Xinroch

Unique Enemies

Name Location
Genetrix.png Genetrix Vesana the mother carnivorous plant Underwater Tunnels 3
Lobh-se the behemoth spider Spider Level
Moonrise Stealing Dark the zombie of Khaz-zadm Attnam Catacombs
Enner.gif the Enner Beast Gloomy Cave 5
Elpuri.png Elpuri the Master Dark Frog Gloomy Cave 9
Oree.png Oree the blood daemon king Oree's Lair
the Enner Boy Tomb of Xinroch
the Enner Girl Tomb of Xinroch
Xinroch's Grave Keeper Tomb of Xinroch
the ghost of Xinroch Tomb of Xinroch
Xinroch the elder grand master dark knight Tomb of Xinroch
Brom the crazed farmer anywhere
Zq29.png Experiment ZQ-29 the spider silk golem anywhere
Golgor.png Golgor Dhan the grand master dark knight anywhere
Gus.png Guugzamesh the goblin king anywhere
Ischaldirh.png Ischaldirh the dark archmage anywhere
Moryggan the druidess of Silva anywhere
Nihil the fallen archangel of Mortifer anywhere
Rondol.png Rondol the kobold patriarch anywhere
Sherarax.png Sherarax the mistress queen anywhere
Trenia the kobold master assassin anywhere
Urkhan.png Ur-Khan the orc marshal anywhere
Xinroch.png Xinroch the skeleton warlord anywhere
Ydhee-Yiggub the gibberlord anywhere


This is a list of all archangels and their respective gods.

Name God
Amatrix Dulcis
Beneficus Atavus
Erado Mortifer
Gladius Cruentus
Ignigena Loricatus
Inlux Valpurus
Iustitia Legifer
Latro Cleptia
Leguleius Mellis
Magus Sophos
Nux Silva
Pestilentia Scabies
Rapax Nefas
Salubris Seges
Sinistra Infuscor



Here you can find monsters added by various variants of the game.