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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Although Ischaldirh seems to have quite low stats, he is still the most dangerous foe in the game.

He can summon golems made of really really mean materials, such as octiron. He can create evil clones of you. But those are nothing compared to the fact that he can pound you with spells mighty enough to kill nearly anything. He can cast massive explosions on you and summon bursts of electricity at you. He can teleport you, your limbs or your equipment away. He can disenchant your gear. And when you finally get close to him so you can end chop his head off, he'll teleport away and begins pounding you again. I seriously hope I will never have to face him. And so should you.

Due to Ischaldirh's incredible 'mind vision' with ESP and an Intelligence of 60, even trying to fight him at a distance with wands is a losing proposition unless you're sure he's at the end of a long dead-end corridor and you've got a lot of spare wands.

There is another long-range technique - tame 2-3 Master Necromancers and bring them to the same level. They'll raise zombies like crazy and provide dozens of decoys for Ischaldirh's wrath. If you're lucky, the undead hordes might even off the wicked wizard himself! Be warned that using this tactic will result in a devastated level as Ischaldirh lashes out with one explosive spell after another.

Stats and Equipment

Ischaldirh the dark archmage Ischaldirh.png
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 9
  • Phoenix Feather Cloak +5
  • Arcanite Chain Mail +5
  • Angel Hair Belt +5
  • Octiron Quarterstaff +6 (skill 10/11)
  • Pair of Dragon Hide Boots of Agility +5
  • Scrolls of Charging, Wishing
  • Holy Book of Infuscor
  • Wands of Resurrection, Striking
  • Wands of Cloning, Lightning, Fireballs
  • Octagonal Key
Leg Strength 9
Dexterity 30
Agility 12
Endurance 15
Perception 12
Intelligence 60 Abilities
Wisdom 25 Spellcasting
Charisma 25
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size 150 Invisibility, Infravision, ESP, TeleControl
HP 108