Golgor Dhan

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Golgor Dhan the grand master dark knight

a full ruby helmet +3 a dragon hide cloak +3 a mithril plate mail +3 a sapphire belt +3 a sapphire two-handed scimitar +4 (skill 16/17) a ring of teleport control 2 spider silk gauntlets +3 2 ruby boots +3 2 scrolls of enchant weapon 2 scrolls of enchant armor

Has infravision

Astr 42 Lstr 42 Dex 28 Agi 28 End 30 Per 35 Int 28 Wis 14 Cha 14 Siz 200 HP 448

He is one of the toughest big guys. He has great items and pretty nifty stats. He wears no shield however and uses only one weapon. But he does enough damage with it, so I advice not to go close to him. Use wands unless you are confident that you can hack him. He drops nice scrolls when he dies.