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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Dulcis is the goddess of love and art. Her alignment is L (lawful).


When pleased, Dulcis will

  • attempt to put out fires on you and your adjacent pets,
  • cast a taming spell upon nearby monsters, or
    • This spell can be resisted, and the enemy must be able to hear to be affected. The taming effect becomes more powerful with higher Charisma, Wisdom and favor with Dulcis.
A beautiful melody echoes around you.
  • train your Charisma with some bonus experience.

As all gods, she may also grow you a new limb made of an aligned material, give you an aligned item, or when very pleased give you a temporary pet angel.

When angry, she will play a horrible tune that does direct damage to your head.

Dulcis plays a horrible tune that rots your brain.



There are no fixed locations for Dulcis's altasr; you may find them randomly in the dungeons.


Dulcis grants you essentially free, unlimited chances to gain more pets.

All Musical Instruments offer extra favor when offered to Dulcis.