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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

IVAN has ten different types of damage:

Damage type Common sources Destroys limbs? Resistance? Notes
Physical damage All weapons and normal attacks. N N
Acid Sulphuric Acid, dark frog blood. Y Y
Drain Neerc Se-ulb N N Heals attacker by damage dealt to the defender.
Electricity Wand of Lightning, Thunder hammers. Y Y
Energy Wand of Striking, Dark Mages. Y Y
Fire Explosions and fireballs, burning. Y Y
Mustard gas damage Dwarven Gas Grenades of Mustard Gas N N
Poison poisoning N Y
Psi N N
Sound Enner Beast Y Y


  • While physical damage technically has no associated resistance, AV serves to decrease physical damage taken. However, AV also somewhat decreases damage of other types, thus making armor very important indeed.
  • If a limb had its last HP taken by a damage type that destroys limbs, it will not drop as a severed limb. Instead, several lumps of the monster's flesh are dropped.
  • Note that there is a slight distinction between damage taken from magical fireballs (from Wand of Fireballs or Dark Mage spells) and explosions (from mines) - fireballs deal pure fire damage, while explosions deal half fire, half physical damage. The result is that even monsters nearly immune to fire will take damage from an exploding landmine.