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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

You have eleven primary attributes, showing your physical or mental capabilities. Primary attributes can be trained up and lost, as well as gained through other means. You also have three secondary attributes.

Name Effect
AStr Arm Strength Ability to wield heavy weapons and do more damage in melee.
LStr Leg Strength Increased kick damage, ability to carry heavy items.
Dex Dexterity Ability to place traps, attack fast and block attacks.
Agi Agility Increased movement speed and ability to dodge attacks.
End Endurance Increased hit points and rate at which you heal.
Per Perception Ability to see longer distances away, also affects dodging.
Int Intelligence Ability to cause magical effects and use magical tools.
Wis Wisdom Ability to interact with gods.
Will Willpower Resistance to magic.
Cha Charisma Increased social skills, better prices in shops.
Mana Mana Increased skill with magic items.
Ht Size Affects how hard is it for your enemies to hit you.
Wt Weight
HP Hit Points The health of your body parts. You can loose limbs if any of them reaches 0 HP, but if a vital body part of yours (your head, torso or groin) is destroyed, you die.
Talents and Weaknesses How easy/hard is it for you to improve attributes.