Attnam Catacombs

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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Attnam catacombs are several underground levels accessible from the lower right room of the Cathedral of Attnam. They consist of the Cathedral's cellar and three floors of undead-infested dungeon.


Special Rooms

  • Beartrap Vault

Special Levels


  • Liquor Storage: A number of fir shelves holding bottles of vodka.
  • Secret Cells: hidden behind a "very secret door" to the north of the Liquor Storage, it is in a state of ruin with nearly all the cells smashed and their doors open. Two prisoners are found here - a neutral zombie and the twin sister of one of Petrus' wives. If charmed with a Lyre or prayer to Dulcis she can be easily lead out of the Cellar without angering the guards.
    • Semi-hidden inside one of the cells here is a staircase down to the actual catacombs with a broken pick-axe next to it.
  • Main Cellblock: the 'general population' includes an eunuch farmer, an imprisoned hunter, an imprisoned female, and Amnah.
    • The top-left cell has an iron maiden and another room behind TWO "very secret doors", however they are empty.
    • One of the cells has a bar and door made of paperboard. It is, literally, a cardboard prison.
  • Torture Chambers: A collection of grim machines overseen by Miguel Decos.
  • Dining Room: A spartan room of fir tables and chairs
  • Barracks: A large number of beds surrounded by locked chests and a single guard.
  • Private Offices: A half-dozen furnished quarters with chests and/or drawers. They are unguarded but taking items from them will still instantly aggravate all of Attnam.
  • Training Room: Four Trainee Guards standing at attention in front of a Veteran Guard
  • Pantry: A well surrounded by fir shelves storing a wide variety of foodstuffs, including carrots.
  • Naughty Room: With a fancy bed and a mistress, this room suggests a far different use for pain.
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier: Much like the real one with two Honor Guards wearing silver gear.

Final Level

Coming sooner!