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Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers which may affect your IVAN experience negatively

Prince Artorius is held captive in the Goblin Fortress, on the lowest level "Hideout".

Escorting him safely back to either of his uncles in the Rebel Camp or Castle of Aslona is the first goal of the Aslona questline. This is no easy task as the prince can easily be killed by any enemy in a couple hits or less since he is a young child.

Equipping him with lightweight armor, especially a armor of great health to compensate for his pathetically low hit points, can greatly increase his chances of surviving. Giving him some boots is practically a necessity lest his legs be dissolved by acid or severed broken glass on the dungeon floor. A Magic Whistle will be of great help if you get separated from him and a Wand of Resurrection can bring him back if he gets killed. Also be careful that YOU are not the one to kill him indirectly (by an explosion/misaimed wand/bolt from a thunder hammer/etc)!

If you have Telecontrol, a high enough Intelligence stat and an excess of scrolls and/or wands of teleportation you can teleport yourself straight to the level exit, blow on your Magic Whistle to 'summon' him, and defend him by the exit until the whistle 'recharges' to repeat the process on the next level.

His Highness crown prince Artorius
Stats Equipment
Arm Strength 7
Leg Strength 8
Dexterity 10
Agility 12
Endurance 10
Perception 14
Intelligence 9 Abilities
Wisdom 5 Reading, Talking, Kicking, Vomiting
Charisma 8
Random Stats - Permanent States
Size {{{size}}} None
HP 16